How Can Matthew Browndorf Llc Help You?

Matthew Browndorf LLC is the most trusted name in private equity management (PEM) services. The company, led by attorney Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., offers three types of services to its customers.

At the core of the services at Matthew Browndorf LLC is the Wealth Advisory Services. Through this service, the company provides customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients.
Browndorf adopts a disciplined approach in asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process, so it is capable of advising its clients based on their preferences, while adhering to the principles of asset management.

Matthew Browndorf PEM, LLC, advisor for the Browndorf Life Settlements Funds, offer tailor-made solutions for both short and long term investment needs. They also offer solutions for collateral for project investments and other asset backed securitized structures in a Principal Protected Note type of structure.

The Investment Banking Services from Browndorf PEM aligns itself primarily with investor base, so it operates through a separate registered representative of independent broker dealers. These independent representatives allow Browndorf PEM to refer clients to those independent representatives when they are best suited for a particular client. This approach helps the company to focus on their investor first and the transaction next.

At the core of our business model is our close and fiduciary alignment with our private client investors, which are managed through our wealth advisory services and on the most trusted name in custody and clearing. Through our wealth advisory services core springs the proprietary fund offerings managed by Browndorf PEM and the custom tailored independent offerings through our network of non-affiliated and independent Investment Banking Services - all of which are synergistically focused to meet the unique attributes of a sophisticated and demanding investor base. With a high profile attorney at the helm, Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., we have an ideal legal, ethical and compliance infrastructure to compliment our business acumen. Our management team members are highly vested in the company and our unique life settlement hedging strategy allows for insured investments along with alternative investments. We operate three divisions providing products and services:

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