Life Insurance Settlements : Unlock The Cash From Your Life Insurance Policy Today

A Life Settlement, or the sale of a life insurance policy, is gaining popularity as a new opportunity for seniors to generate cash. By "cashing in" a life insurance policy, one can reap the rewards of an immediate cash payout without lapsing or surrendering the policy to the insurance company.

Faced with rising insurance premiums, increasing cost of healthcare and long-term care, more seniors today are choosing to sell their life insurance policies to third parties for a lump sum payment. Rather than let their policy lapse, seniors have the option of cashing out early and enjoying a higher quality of life.

Seniors can use the cash they receive from the sale to help pay for medical expenses, long-term care expenses, or everyday living expenses. Additionally, seniors are using the "unlocked" cash to travel, invest in a business or new property, or support their children and grandchildren. There are no restrictions or limits to how the cash may be used once the policy is sold.

How does it work?
Seniors who are over 70 and own a life insurance policy worth over $200,000 can sell their policy to a life insurance buyer, otherwise known as life insurance broker or life settlement brokers.

By purchasing the whole, term, or universal life insurance policy, the buyer becomes the new policy owner. This means that the buyer takes over the premium payments and ultimately collects the full amount of the death benefit.

Who benefits?
As the policy holder, seniors may enjoy a higher cash payout upfront and the savings when the buyer takes over the ongoing insurance premium payments.

What's the catch?
There is no catch. Life insurance settlements are legal and legitimate. Life insurance buyers are able to offer a cash payout because of the structure of their businesses and the financial market.

What should I know before considering a settlement?
The ideal time to sell a life insurance policy, otherwise known as taking a life settlement, is when:

1. The policy holder is over age 70

2. The policy is worth $200,000 or more

3. The policy holder is chronically ill, and/or their health is declining

4. Additional cash is needed to pay for cost of health care of long-term care

5. Policy holder is experiencing financial difficulties or needs additional funds to improve the quality of life

6. There is difficulty paying the life insurance premiums and are at risk of lapsing the insurance policy

7. The senior would like to remain financially independent

How much money can I expect to receive?

The lump sum payment will be determined on a case-by-case basis. It depends on a number of factors, including age and medical condition, the type and value of the policy and the premiums required to keep the policy active. A no-obligation appraisal of your policy can be requested before making the decision to sell it.

Any policy owner, including individuals, corporations, charities or trusts, may sell any life insurance policy, including group and term policies.

What types of life insurance policies can be sold?
Universal Life, Whole Life, Variable Universal Life, Term, and Convertible Term Life policies, Joint and second-to-die policies are all policies eligible for sale.

How long does it take to get the funds once my policy is sold?
A general time frame is four to eight weeks to receive funds though the timing can vary. The buyers work to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the money can be released to our clients as fast as possible.

Will I owe taxes on the money I receive?
Generally, the money received from selling the life insurance policy will be tax-free up to the original policy's tax-basis. Consult with a tax advisor regarding your specific situation.

How do I find a buyer for my policy?
Experts at http://www.LifeInsuranceBuyder are committed to achieving the highest value for their client's life insurance policies. Serving their clients with integrity and respect, Life Insurance Buyer offers free, no obligation, confidential policy appraisals for all qualified individuals.

Debt Settlement - Important Steps to Ensure You Are Dealing With a Legitimate Debt Company

Whenever an investment is made in a company, there are some important points which should be kept under consideration. One such point is reliability check. Some companies that exist on the internet have not even been created. In this way, many scam companies have been able to fool people and rip them off their finances.

The biggest problem being battled by every individual in this world is recession. Along with all the negative effects produced by this problem, an unusual positive effect has also been produced. Recession has damaged the corporate standing of various money granting firms. A logical aspect is that money granting companies conduct all their operations on the available cash amount.

Debt Settlement solutions are designed to improve the overall financial situation in the United States. As it is obvious that for money granting tasks, two key players are involved. One is the loan taker and the other is the loan giver. A loan taker is an individual who seeks monetary assistance while loan givers and finance granting organization.

Mostly loan takers get customized debt settlement services. A lot of companies have a generic structure which is followed for all the customers. All the clients do not use these services. Instead they get their own debt settlement solutions designed. In this way, the client does not have to depend on the progress of a generic approach.

This aspect has a negative factor as well because the generic approach has been tested and used. A new approach does not have any prediction criteria in terms of results. For a generic approach in case of debt settlement programs, the risk percentage involved is quite less. Most of the times, a very low reduction percentage is attained when the customer gets his own solution tested.

The reduction percentage attained in debt settlement services depends on the risk involved. At times when the risk involved is high then the attained percentage is low. The key factor in relief programs is that, many new things should not be tested. In this way the rate of error declines. Relief processes involve conversation to the bank representatives.

There are various settlement companies which have a mandatory condition of pre defined reduction modules which cannot be modified as well. The companies do not force any decision but the success rate is shown to the clients so that a belief is established. Belief and trust are very important factors involved in the relief company selection process.

Getting out of debt through a debt settlement process is currently very popular but you need to know where to locate the best performing programs in order to get the best deals. To compare debt settlement companies it would be wise to visit a free debt relief network which will locate the best performing companies in your area for free.

Free Debt Advice.

How Should I Go About Using a Debt Settlement Service?

When you are looking to use a debt settlement service, there are things that you should do to simplify the process and give you the best results. When your credit and finances are in trouble, it is not enough to say “I’m in debt, fix it.”

That would be like going to a mechanic and telling them that your car doesn’t work. There is simply not enough information for the mechanic to do anything. The more information that you can provide, the better the service can choose a plan that is right for you.

Aurora Lillo Editor of the "Best Debt Relief Programs" website -- -- pointed out;

“…Gather together your debts, monthly expenses, and income sources. This give a good baseline as to where your money goes each month. Perhaps you simply need someone to manage paying your debts for you. You may need more help than that. This information gives them a starting point, a debt ratio (which is your outgoing money, compared to your income). When you provide them this information, it is essential that you are honest about all sources of income and debts and living expenses…”

You should also gather together a list of your assets. Assets are important, because you may be able to use them to get a secured consolidation loan. Your assets may include valuable possessions, home equity, automobiles, or any other tangible property. You will also want to provide a list of any savings or investments. These may be 401k’s, IRAs, or other investments. The service may be able to advise you on how to use those investments to get out of debt, with minimal tax impact.

“…Once you speak to your debt advisor, you will want to make sure that you understand the plan that they set forth. You will need to understand the payment structures and any fees or conditions. Most of all, you should be patient. Follow their advice, and always make sure that they are doing what they state they are doing. Once your debt settlement is in place, make every effort you can to make sure you pay off those debts as quickly as possible…” added A. Lillo.

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